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Agricultural Products

We currently export livestock overseas and through our animal breeding programs and research and development endeavors as well as Australia's perfect livestock climate and conditions we can offer premium quality livestock to countries all over the world. Our livestock due to the premium quality can be used to improve your herd quality and, for all dairy and meat needs (Read More)

Mining Industry

With resources rich in copper and gold, Aztch Mining is a mineral exploration and development company with advanced-stage projects located in Western Australia. We provide mining exploration license registration service that start finding out proper exploration tenements to get mining exploration license grant. Our package service fee is competitively between AUD 10,000.00 and AUD 50,000.00.

Wine Industry

Our business model enables us to source, supply, package and distribute a broad range of wines from vineyards and wineries Australia wide. Having built relationships with over 100 growers and wineries across Australia, our portfolio consists of a large selection of quality Australian wines, varieties, styles and volumes in both bulk and bottled form. Because of this we have the ability to provide wines to suit your specifications and price point along with the knowledge of shipping and distribution. (read more)

Embryo Transplant

Forward thinking and horizontally integrating, Aztech Investments has a commercial interest in research and development projects and intellectual properties in the agricultural industry. Participating in linkage projects between the Australian government, Australia’s leading universities and scientists, Aztech Investments contributes its financial strength, commercialisation and real-world marketing expertise to concurrent R&D projects.

Our News

Aztech Investments Pty Ltd has been recognised as a finalist in the Agribusiness Award of the 2011 Western Australian Industry and Export Awards program. The Western Australian Industry and [...]

The Nullarbor’s 3,500km arid expanse isolates Perth as the western-most capital city on Australia’s map. While Australia’s two largest capital cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are traditionally [...]