Agricultural Products Upstream, midstream, downstream, and marketing processes from raw materials to Finished Products. Mining Gain greater insight into your mining investment, improve mining strategic decision making. Wine Industries We supply Bulk wine, Private Brands and of course Branded wines from our own portfolio of clients. Embryo Transplant Produce genetics that are custom designed to fit the requirements for various international markets.

Livestock. Meat. Wool. Raw Skins & Hides. Finished Leather & Products.

Welcome to Aztech Group of Companies

Aztech Group of Companies Trading As:

  • Aztech Investments Pty Ltd   ABN:28 062 260 093
  • Western Australia Skin & Hide Industries Pty Ltd  ABN:28 062 260 093
  • Aztech Agricultural Pty Ltd   ABN:87 078 291 522
  • Victoria Skin & Hide Industries Pty Ltd   ABN:87 078 291 522
  • Dardin Agri-Holdings Pty Ltd   ABN:88 083 209 830
  • Aztech Winery Pty Ltd   ABN:43 138 514 824

Aztech was founded by a multicultural group in 1993 and has grown and developed into one of the largest agricultural products processing and export companies in Australia. Aztech prides itself on its worldwide reputation for quality and service and being involved in all areas of the supply chain we can vertically and horizontally integrate our business to provide the best for our clients.

Aztech offers a variety of agricultural products and services to customers all around the world including China, Russia, India, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Germany and Italy. We at Aztech focus the production of our products for niche markets so we can meet all our customers requirements and needs.

Aztech Investments has branches in Western Australia (Arthur River and Naval Base), Victoria (Shepparton and Melbourne) and China (Sangpo, Weihai and Shanghai). Further we are represented by agents in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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