Our Company Profile

Aztech was founded by a multicultural group in 1993 and has grown and developed into one of the largest agricultural products processing and export companies in Australia. Aztech prides itself on its worldwide reputation for quality and service and being involved in all areas of the supply chain we can vertically and horizontally integrate our business to provide the best for our clients.

Aztech offers a variety of agricultural products and services to customers all around the world including China, Russia, India, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Germany and Italy. We at Aztech focus the production of our products for niche markets so we can meet all our customers requirements and needs.

Agricultural Products and Services we offer include:

  • Livestock export including Dairy Cattle
  • Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplant
  • Programs for animal genetic improvement
  • Chilled and frozen meat including kangaroo meat
  • Greasy wool
  • Salted sheep, lamb, goat, rabbit, fox, kangaroo, other animals skins and cattle hides
  • Finished skin and hide products.

Aztech Investments has branches in Western Australia (Arthur River and Naval Base), Victoria (Shepparton and Melbourne) and China (Sangpo, Weihai and Shanghai). Further we are represented by agents in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

A joint venture agreement between Aztech and one of the largest and most technically advanced tanneries in China was established in 1998. This has allowed Aztech to supply finished sheep and lambskin products of a very high quality at a competitive price, by driving production costs out of the system, without compromising quality. Aztech has control over all stages of production allowing us to control the quality and costs. This vertical integration also allows us to acquire very lean margins across the production spectrum. Major products in this area are sheepskin shoe lining, car seat covers, chamois, spring lamb rugs for medicinal use and ugg boots. Aztech currently supplies Japanese hospitals with the spring lamb rugs for medicinal use.

Aztech Group of Companies employs professional and experienced staff to handle all aspects of the business, so if you would like to learn more about our organisation and the things we do, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our head office in Naval Base, Western Australia

Our Western Australian offices are marketed under the trade names Western Australian Skin and Hide Industries, United Quality Wool, Auswide Meat (Lic. 927), Auswide Meat Livestock Exports (Lic. L425). The business has well-trained and experienced buyers in W.A. who specialise in sourcing the best quality animals to breed premium quality meat, wool, skins and hides.

The Victorian office, Victoria Australia Skin and Hide Industries

Aztech’s Victorian offices are marketed under the trading name Victoria Australia Skin and Hide Industries. They have extensive operations, with salting facilities at Shepparton in regional Victoria and an office and warehouse complex in Melbourne that incorporates grading, salting and packing facilities. Their experienced buyers are dedicated to sourcing the very best quality Victorian sheep and lambskins, which are more suited for the garment industry and car upholstery due to their superior density. They also have a large and modern brine curing plant in Victoria and as such have the capacity to brine cure large numbers of the best quality Victorian cattle hides.

Production and Research Facilities

Research and Development Farm

Aurthur River WA

Cattle Hides Processing Facility

Naval Base WA

Salting Facility

Shepparton Victoria